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Digging Up Positivity - April 2023

Edited by Sonious
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Welcome to a new episode of Digging Up Positivity! This month we feature Kijani, a truly wonderful role-model, and straight up lovely lion. We also cover a bit of animation, but first, all those wonderful charities the fandom has been supporting!

Furnal Equinox

In Canada we had Furnal Equinox, where 2,200 attendees raised over $5,938 for the Hobbitsee Wildlife Refuge.


American Furry Artist Dredjir was confronted with medical costs, and fortunately his fans raised those much needed $750.

Motor City Furcon

Meanwhile in Michigan the awesome critters from Motor City Furcon raised $30,000 dollars for the Pipsqueakery!


In the Netherlands, the Dutch artist Tani raised $55.74 for the Reumafonds, aiding the fight against rheumatism.

Fur squared

Back in the US, we had Fursquared raising $17,619.36 for the Humane Animal Welfare society, an open-admission no-kill shelter.

Golden State Furcon

And there was Golden State Furcon, where 1,815 attendees raised $11,073 dollars for Forever Wild.


822 lovely visitors from Furcationland raised $6,611.46 for the Short Folks for Hope foundation.

Earth Day

Furry streamer Aralyn Darkwhisper, an avid fan of Planet Zoo (who has an expansion with meerkats!), was raising money with their work on Earth Day for the World Wildlife Fund UK, and they raised $214.09 so far!

Triangle ALS Walk

The furry fandom always had a strong devotion for raising funds for ALS, and this year in Raleigh Team Dogbomb raised $12,000 dollars. Uncle Kage even devoted a stream to it! Well done to everyone who participated with this wonderful walk.

Las Vegas Furcon

In Las Vegas, during the Las Vegas Furcon, 1,483 critters raised $6,220 dollars for Las Vegas Trans Pride!

Kids And Cars

Last month I was humbled to be part of Kids And Cars, where less fortunate kids were given an experience of a lifetime to drive along with supercars, and in the end they were given some lovely gifts to remind them of this wonderful day. And during this lovely event, funds were raised for the Dutch Foodbank and the Wish Ambulance.

Star Raccoon

I often see starting artists, or smaller furs struggling when equipment breaks down. Either they live in a remote area of the world, or they simply lack the clout or connections to do a fundraiser to fix or upgrade their equipment. Now, for that, Star Raccoon is coming with a new initiative, he is going to raise funds for someone out there, who needs a computer. More details will follow on his channel, I am curious how he will be doing this.

And with this huge list, we are 4 months into this year, and we raised well over $340,000 dollars if we add up all the charities we covered so far, including some new data. Like Scotiacon flying past the $50,000 dollars. Good stuff all around!

Good Furry Award

Seeing all this good initiatives come around, a gentle reminder you can vote in the Good Furry Awards up to May 5th. While I am humbled to be nominated myself, other nominees include Chise, who played a major role in fighting Covid, Shutter Bear, a wonderful community organiser, Moms of Furries, Shrapnel Vagr, an excellent YouTuber from the UK, and many more.

Furality Luma in real life?

In 2021 there was Furality Luma, which was a wonderful virtual furry convention with light emitting plants. But what if I told you there are real light emitting plants! Now, these have been around before, but this year the beautiful minds of MIT created a light emitting plant that can be charged by an LED, after just 10 seconds of charing, it will glow brightly for several minutes, and up to 10 times as good as the previous light emitting plants. Which makes it good enough for city lights. I for one, am really looking forward to these wonderful plant emitted streets.

Lackadaisy Pilot

We did cover Lackadaisy before, and now the pilot has been released! At the time of writing this, the pilot has been viewed well over 7 million times. They hope a network will notice, just like happened with Hazbin Hotel, and seeing those huge numbers, and the sheer quality of it all, including lavishing reviews, I think it is a matter of time.

Super Mario Movie

This year quite some animated movies came out that stood out in their own way. And the Super Mario Movie, while a lovely fandservice, has shown that movies just made for the fans can make an impact! Despite scathing reviews it shattered the box office during its first weekend, and the momentum kept on going in the second week!

Score and I are working on a video about this, coming soon on this channel!

[Featurette: Kijani Lion]
Thank you

Thank you so much with staying with us till the very end of the fourth episode of the 6th season of Digging Up Positivity! Most Mondays I will be on twitch at 8pm Central European Time with a stream filled with art and streaming. Drop by! Relax, and let those Monday vibes slide off of ya!

If you want to support this channel, do check out my ArtworkTee store, or drop a coin at my Subscribestar or Patreon like these amazing critters: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Manick, Tantroo McNally, Taross and Score Chaser

The next episode will be on May 27th. And I am looking forward to see you there!

And remember, love you all, stay awesome and all the hugs!


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