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Missing Tiger?

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We were looking for something else, and we came across this completely by accident! Hidden Dragon is a new animated feature film that’s due this year, according to the IMDB page. We don’t know much about it, but the production crew names are mostly Chinese while the voice actor names are mostly western, so it’s an international production. “In a magical undersea world where dragons rule and humans are feared, a naive young dragon forms an uneasy alliance with the sea’s greatest enemy – a human girl.” We don’t know if they’ll successfully get it out this year, but it should be coming soon.

image c. 2020 Magic Hill Animation


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I just went looking for more information, but it's very difficult to find anything. A few people outside of China have put this on their resume. When I try to go to the animation studio's website, I can't get through. Of course, it could have gone belly-up due to Covid. I think their Chinese name is 仙山 , although that might also refer to a geographical location.

However, yielded this - - Which has an image of a blue anthro-dragon, maybe named Hei. The Chinese title might be 龙宫 - which Google translates as "Dragon Palace", but when I search for that, most of what I get looks like background art. Or the title could have been changed since then. An article from late 2019 (translated) says it "tells the adventure story of a dragon teenager with weak mana, and Qingmei, a fishing village girl who was selected as a sacrifice."

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